Southern Comfort Original

Southern Comfort Original


  • Smooth & Spicy
  • The iconic blend of whiskey, sweet fruits and spices.

The Story

  • It all started in 1874 when M.W. Heron, a bartender, took harsh whiskies of the time, floating down the Mississippi River into New Orleans, and blended them with fruits and spices coming from all over the world.
  • New Orleans – the birthplace of the American cocktail and the birthplace of Southern Comfort



  • Heavy loyalists (45+, split male/female) currently consuming almost 1M cases annually in the US.
  • We have restored the brand to whiskey as M.W. Heron intended, but maintained the flavor profiles loyalists love.
  • Nearly 60% of Southern Comfort customers drink only this brand or very few others – low substitutability.
  • 90% aided awareness with over 70+% trial amongst spirit drinkers.
  • Delivers 60% lift when on promotion.

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