Southern Comfort Black

Southern Comfort Black


  • Bold & Robust
  • A new bold, robust whiskey-forward blend, maintaining the iconic flavors of Southern Comfort for approachability and mixability.

The Story

  • Carrying on the legacy of M.W. Heron.
  • Crafted under the watchful eye of master blender, Drew Mayville, with whiskey from Sazerac, owner of some of the world’s most award winning distilleries. 



  • An approachable Southern welcome to the US whiskey category for 21-25 consumers.
  • Bold blend in line with expected taste profile for new whiskey drinkers.
  • Invite new whiskey drinkers to the category who may be intimidated or not sure where to start.
  • Backed by over 140 years of heritage which is critical to this target, we meet at the crossroads of authenticity and approachability.

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