Paddy Irish Whisk

Paddy Irish Whisk

Tasting Note

Nose: Fresh and lively aromatic – a complex interplay of nutty maltiness, woodland fragrances and spice, with hints of honey and vanilla.

Taste: Soft and crisp, with a distinct light nutty malty and charred wood character.

Finish: A sweetness that gently fades, mellow maltiness and mild woody notes linger pleasingly.


Made In Cork Since 1779

Home to the finest barley and soft water, it’s the perfect place for producing a genuine Irish whiskey. PADDY was named after the legendary salesman PADDY FLAHERTY, who made a name for himself in Cork pubs with his unique sales technique: buying rounds of his favorite whiskey for all to try. Soon, people all across Ireland were asking, “Have you tried Paddy’s whiskey yet?” The rest, as they say, is history. Triple distillation, blending of Pot Still, grain and malt whiskeys, and long years maturation in oak casks gives PADDY its mellow flavour and soft, accessible taste.

It’s perfect neat, on the rocks, or for mixing.


Awards for Paddy Irish Whiskey


Irish Blends – Standard – 2018

International Spirits Challenge


Irish Blended – Premium – 2013

The Irish Whisky Masters (The Spirits Business)

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