Myers's Rum

Myers’s Rum

Tasting Note

It’s rich and almost earthy, with sweet and peppery spices. Vanilla, brown sugar and coffee add sweetness and complexity. Finishes a bit hot to be a pure sipping rum, but there’s a good reason bartenders the world over reach for it to make a variety of cocktails.



Passed down from generation to generation, Myers’s Rum is a storied, authentic Jamaican brand.It all started in 1879, when Fred L. Myers sold his small dry goods business and started over in wholesale  produce, focusing on what Jamaica had to offer. With this decision, Myers’s Rum was born.

The company grew steadily, becoming one of the largest, most successful, and most powerful businesses in the British West Indies. Over the years, Fred L. Myers & Son experienced the good andthe bad: a devastating earthquake, an innovative move to the Sugar Wharf, and a 1924 British exhibition that made Myers’s Rum famous around the world. Through the years, the Myers family built a brand that represents over a century of authentic Jamaican heritage, pride, and history.


Our Products

Fred L. Myers & Son created their products as authentically as they created their company, using only pure Jamaican molasses.

The Original Dark Rum has its own distinctive color, aroma, and taste as vibrant as its 100% Jamaican roots. It is pot and column distilled and matured for up to four years in white oak barrels. The rum is then carefully blended with up to twelve different components, creating the unique quality of Myers’s Rum.

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